• for cores from 45 mm to 400 mm
  • no damage of the reel cores
  • wider supporting surface, greater core stability
  • 7,65 mm frction rings min. width
  • usage both with carton and plastic cores

Product info

Re friction shafts are the ideal solution for multiple and independent rolls rewinding on the same shaft, as each one needs a proper web tension.

During the rewinding process of multiple rolls, obtained after the cutting process of a plastic film or paper or any other material, is it common to have important differences of thickness and, consequently, differences of the web tension.
To solve this issue, the friction shafts ensure a different management of the rolls locking onto one or multiple friction rings the core of each roll to obtain a precise rewinding and a uniform web tension of each roll.

Re friction rings with rollers, made of hard black anodized aluminium or steel depending on the width, are equipped with wider supporting surface expanding rollers that guarantee the best performance in any working condition. An inner ball bearing of spheres increases the sturdiness of the ring, even if made in aluminium, and makes the sliding action more fluid. Friction rings with widths starting at 19,65 mm, can be equipped with preloaded positioners to increase the stability of the reel cores before the gripping rollers engage the core.

  • Wider supporting surface: the gripping rollers provide a wide supporting surface which ensures greater stability of the roll core that remains perfectly perpendicular to the central shaft.
  • No damage to the reel core: expanding balls often create a groove in the cores during roll unloading while expanding rollers guarantee safe and easy roll removal without damaging cores. Since cores are not damaged, they can be reused.
  • Usage both with carton and plastic cores: thanks to the wider supporting surface, the friction rings with expanding rolls ensure a perfect grip both with carton and plastic cores avoiding any kind of core slipping.

Technical data

Width friction ring (L) + spacer
from 8 mm to 50 mm
Spacer from 0,35 mm to 1 mm
Shaft diameter from 30 f7 to 150 f7
Core diameter from 45 mm to 400 mm
Roller diameter from 3,2 mm to 8 mm
Preloaded positioners L ≥ 19,65 mm optional
Inner bearing of spheres L ≥ 19,65 mm
Friction ring material L < 19,65 mm
L ≥ 19,65 mm
nickel-plated steel
hard anodized aluminium

Other dimensions on request


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